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Written by: Mistr on March 4, 2019

Five tips all men need to fix their grooming mistakes

We've all been there. Cut yourself shaving, over did the Paco Rabanne on a night out, or god forbid you fell asleep in your fake tan. No stress, there is a remedy for almost anything.

Whether it’s via speed, carelessness or a combination of both, we all make errors. Some you can take your time in sorting but others need to dealt with stat. Because, you know, life. Here are the most common mistakes and how to remedy them quick.

The error: shaving nicks that won’t stop bleeding.
The fix: Take a cue from old-school barbers and get yourself an alum stick to apply.
We like: Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick – pacificshavingco.com

The error: Oily skin sheen.
The fix: Blotting papers that instantly absorb and mattify. Keep in your desk drawer.
We like: Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers – tatcha.com

The error: Too much fake tan on the face. Orange alert.
The fix: As weird as it sounds, wash your face with anti-dandruff shampoo. It strips away the top layer of skin. In a good way.
We like: Maple Holistics Cedarwood Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – mapleholistics.com

The error: Dandruff flakes and a wash is not possible.
The fix: Dry shampoo is available from most chemists. Spray it over the flakey areas, then run a comb through it. The shampoo will corral the flakes into the teeth of the comb. Rinse the comb after every pass. And dust off those shoulders while you’re at it.
We like: Hanz De Fuko dry shampoo – hanzdefuko.com

The error: Scent overload.
The fix: Too much of a heavy fragrance like an oud can be mitigated by – as counterintuitive as it sounds – adding more. Only this time make it something with a citrus base as it will lighten the overall effect.
We like: Raconteur X – raconteur.com

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