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Written by: Mistr on June 29, 2019

How to keep your feet presentable

Keeping your potentially neglected feet moisturised and healthy is surprisingly easy and there exist a myriad of products that streamline the grooming process. If your feet are looking a little rough, it's time to bust out some specialist equipment and get to work.

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If you spend any amount of the year in slides or thongs (and we of course mean the footwear variety of the latter) you owe it to yourself to take care of your feet. It adds just a few minutes to the weekly routine but the payoff is massive and the results are noticeable.

First things first, you’ve gotta face up to what you’re dealing with. Tinea and athlete’s foot are just a part of life, especially if you’re active and shower at the gym or you’re just fungus-positive (okay we made that last term up).

If you have cracking or peeling between the toes (tinea) or itching and stinging all over the feet (athletes foot), relief is just a trip to the chemist away. But you knew that right? An anti-fungal cream will see you right within just a few days and there’s no need for embarrassment. People are at the pharmacy for way grosser stuff. Believe us.

To keep it away, wash daily with soap, wear cotton socks and keep your feet dry.

If you’re dealing with dry, cracked heels or the kind of hard dead patches you could strike a match on, what you need is a file and a firm hand as you are in for some serious sloughing. You may want to do this alone because it’s not pretty. To help the process along, get yourself a foot exfoliator. These differ from the facial variety in that they have bigger particles to displace dead flesh – yes zombie feet, we’re looking at you.

Finally, a specialist foot moisturiser may be helpful because they are designed to penetrate the super thick skin in this area. You don’t have to spend big here.
Be sure to allow your feet to dry completely before you pop those socks on, champ. Final note, if you’re a bit of a Hobbit on the toes, consider giving the hairs a trim with nail scissors. And we don’t need to tell you about keeping the nails clipped right?

We like:

Scholl Athlete’s Foot Complete Kit (it’ll work for tinea too) – scholl.com
Simple Sugars Smooth For Men Foot Scrub – simplesugarsskincare.com
Skin Republic 20 Minute Foot Repair Treatment – theskinrepublic.com.au
The chemistry brand ‘heel chemistry’ – deciem.com

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