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How to choose a winter scent

The warmer seasons are well and truly behind us and the chill has already set in. If you're sticking with the same fragrance through the cooler months, you may want to reconsider. There's a whole olfactory world of woody warmth just waiting to be explored.

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What now? If you stick with one fragrance year round, you’re doing your grooming routine a disservice. Do you change up your clothes with the seasons? Obviously right. Do likewise with your scent.

With the warmer seasons behind us, may we suggest that you pop the fresh aquatic or citrus based varieties in your cupboard and embrace something a little deeper, richer and bolder.

The first area to explore is woody scents. These comprise of dry woods like cedar, mossy woods like oak and woody orientals – which is not a porn name, but should be. Now, before you write these off because you’ve been to the timber section of Bunnings and it frankly didn’t do it for you, bear this in mind. Woody notes are usually at the base of fragrances, the notes that linger longest and take a while to emerge. For new players, sandalwood and cypress are ideal starters. If you want something with a little more heft, try Oud.

Now that you’ve got wood, embrace the spice cupboard. Everything from cloves and cinnamon to a variety of peppers and saffron are fair game. Just as they do with the palate, they bring a sense of warmth to proceedings. What they lack in citrusy zing they more than make up for in a smoky sophistication. It’s the nasal equivalent of aged scotch and should be treated with the same reverence. This is a grown-up’s game, so graduate already.

We like:

For timber:

Mihan Aromatics ‘Mikado Bark’– With middle notes comprising of both oud and cinnamon oud rounded out with an Australian sandalwood base, this is the scent that will cause everyone and anyone to bring out their own oud. Use with caution.

For spice:

Maison Louis Marie bois de balincourt– Cederwood steals the show here, complimented with an earthy vetiver note. A cinnamon and nutmeg complex strikes through the heart to round out this truly one of a kind fragrance

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