Written by: Mistr on April 2, 2019

How your fragrance defines you

However you define your own personal style should come down to a couple things, your fragrance nearing the top in terms of importance. Don't neglect this area. Your fragrance has the power to elevate your mien to the extraordinary.

There’s something to be said about the natural aroma of pheromones. I know right? Gross. But bear with me here. It’s scientifically proven that there is a naturally occurring chemical reaction that essentially causes compatible gals and guys to go…Gaga (excuse the term)

Scent is one of our most powerful senses, capable of evoking intense, unpredictable emotion. Scent can travel you through time to a fond childhood memory of digging through the dirt with your pals on a warm summer afternoon…ok, I digress.

Bottom line is, in every encounter, you’re left with some fragmentary, olfactory imprint of the other person, whether that be good or bad. We want to er on the side of good here. Obviously. Every guy should own and be wearing a fragrance. It’s as simple as that. To compliment what you’ve already got going on, the fragrance you choose to apply every day is of the upmost importance. No joke.

No one fragrance is going to smell the same on Larry in cubicle 3 as it does on you, so take your time to weed through the regular cast and crew to find one that fits you like a glove. Apologies for the mixed metaphor, but you get the idea.

The thing to bear in mind here is that, no matter where you go, people are going to consciously or unconsciously take a note of how you smell. It’s going to become your trademark.

Whether you opt for a rich oud or something a little fruitier is up to you. And when applying, bear in mind, less is more. There’s that old adage that the only person who should be able to catch your fragrance is the person you’re kissing.

So, get out there and start experimenting.

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