Written by: Mistr on April 3, 2019

Why rose scents for men are the shit

Put aside your notions of what a Rose scented fragrance is and discover why male rose scents are some of the best in the game.

Roses, like Kanye, have been victims of their own success.

The combination of colour and bouquet has been wrapped up in the treacled commercialism of Valentine’s Day and creepy single stem flower sellers to the point where they’ve become a bit of a cliché.

Rest assured, this is not the case in fragrance. Skilfully blended against the likes of cedar, tobacco and bergamot, they can still make an audience swoon and a lady, or man for that matter, blush.

For the man who dares to go here, the rewards – in terms of originality – are vast. Put aside the notion that you’re going to smell like your granny’s potpourri bowl. Not going to happen.

Instead wade into one of the richest, deepest and greatest notes of all time, now being presented in a thoroughly modern and masculine way.

We like:

Aether Parfums Rose Alcane- aetherparfums.com
LeLabo Rose 31- lelabofragrances.com
Maison Louis Marie Antidris/Cassis- maisonlouismarie.com

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