Written by: Mistr on September 18, 2019

The best gender neutral fragrances

Gone are the days of rigid diversity when it comes to a fragrance. Scents are crafted nowadays with a broader appeal and much in the same way that a pair of yeezys fit any foot, fragrances are enjoying the same gender neutral wave.

If you have a significant other of the opposite sex – the same sexers have enjoyed what’s followed for years – chances are you’re a two-fragrance home. His and hers. Well that idea is on the way out. And we mean out like sun tan oil. Just as the once strict boundaries between what is traditionally “male” and “female” is eroding everywhere from fashion to film to music, so too in scent. Who’s to say you can’t both wear the same one? If of course you both love it that is. Because here’s the thing – although it will have the same notes, the effect of those notes will be different on both your skins. Single and feeling excluded? This is a boon for you. Released from the outdated gender expectations that have long accompanied scent, your choices have just expanded exponentially. Here are the gender neautral fragrances well worth a sniff.

Mihan Aromatics Guilty Story – mihanaromatics.com
Maison Louis Marie Cassis – masisonlouismarie.com
Francis Kurkdjian Acqua Universalis – franciskurkdjian.com
Byredo Bibliothèque – byredo.eu
Le Labo Santal 33 – lelabofragrances.com
Escentric Molecules 01 – eccentric.com
Laboratory Perfumes Samphire – laboratoryperfumes.com

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