Written by: Mistr on July 8, 2019

The best timber scents for men

A woody fragrance should be an evocation of adventure and the great outdoors. It should smell like a hard days work at the lumber yard. Not that we can speak from experience here, but you get the picture. A strong, masculine scent no fragrance collection is complete without.

There is something undeniably masculine about woody notes. They speak of the forest, the mill, power tools and sawdust. It’s no mistake that ‘got wood’ means what it does. They also run the gamut from fresh greens to smoky campfires – which incidentally is also the name of our favourite country and western singer. One of the best known is sandalwood, which has a light spice element and a clean finish. Cedar is another heavyweight but it is available in a dazzling variety from subtle vanilla to Buddhist temple incense.

Oud, which is actually a protection mechanism the agar tree produces against mould, is your classic spice meets woodgrain. The whole larder exists in oud: cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and more. Cypress also deserves its due as it brings with it a crisp Alpine touch. Think a run through the trees on pure white powder first thing in the morning. And if you reckon we’re romanticising this, you’d be right.

Oak is the final lumber puncher to acknowledge. The beauty of this note is that it sits between the lightness of sandalwood and the heft of cedar.

We like:

Cypress: Goldfield and Banks ‘Blue Cypress’ – goldfieldandbanks.com
Sandalwood: Raconteur ‘X’ – the-raconteur.com
Oud: Mihan Aromatics ‘Mikado Bark’ – mihanaromatics.com
Cedar: Maison Louis Marie ‘Bois De Balincourt’- maisonlouismarie.com
Timber: Lapp ‘Darkness’- lapp.co

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