Written by: Mistr on July 2, 2019

Why every guy needs a candle

A gentleman's home should be imbued with the scent that best represents his personality, and what better way to claim some olfactory territory than with a candle. Gone are the days when you had a choice between peppermint and persimmon, now we can enjoy a buffet of masculine scents from leather and tobacco to musk and smoke. Get lit.

Three candles from brands Gascoigne and king, Raconteur and O'douds dispersed evenly across a backdrop of sand coloured cardboard

Way back when, candles were seen as a rather effeminate touch. Something you broke out when you were trying to seal the deal with a home-made dinner. If they were scented, they tended to be cloyingly floral. Or smell like your Nanna’s casket. RIP.

But like we say, that was then. As outdated notions of fem/masc have faded like so many Backstreet Boys, men have realised that candles bring the same elements of finesse and sophistication to a space that a good scent brings to your noggin. It’s a finishing touch that lifts everything to the next level. Better yet, they smell like a man’s home should. If you follow our advice that is.

We like:

The Raconteur ‘Red Centre’ – the-raconteur.com
Gascoine + King ‘Oregon’ – gascoineandking.com
O’douds ‘Forest’ – o’douds.com
American Hatfield ‘American Hatfield’ – americanhatfield.com
Boy Smells ‘Coin’ – boysmells.com

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