Written by: Lucien James on May 22, 2019

Why you need a tobacco scent

This is not an invitation to start smoking, so put it away. Tobacco fragrances are the distilled essence and soul of the tobacco plant, evoking rich, warm, tantalising concoctions which have become the source of many's obsessions. Not for the faint of heart.

two seperate images split down the middle. On the left is a big red neon sign with the words 'tabac'. On the right is a close up shot of clouds at sunset.

Let’s get the assumptions out of the way first. We’re not talking about the stale effluvia of pub carpets. Nor are we talking about the smell of that ex who put away a carton and a half a day, but was a firecracker in the sack. You know the one.

What we’re referencing here is more akin to the pipe stores of old, a rich, deep cornucopia that has as much terroir as wine. Also excellent if your partner has a daddy thing going on because this is a scent for the mature, sophisticated gent. Or those aspiring to be one. Here are the ones we rate:

Captain Fawcett Booze & Baccy EDP  – captainfawcett.com– also available in a natty beard oil if you swing that way.

Nasomatto Black Afgano EDP – nassomato.com – add notes of coffee and oud, you’ve got a winner.

Santa Maria Novella Tobacco Toscano cologne – smnovella.com – an ode to the smoking cigar masterpieces created in Tuscany by Manifattura di Lucca.

Jackson Miles Havana Tobacco and Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner-  jacksonmiles.com.au – best smelling hair product on the market. Period.

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