Written by: Mistr on April 26, 2018

How men can fix their sun damaged hair

A day at the beach is often fraught with burnt skin and a sense of regret. You really should apply every 2 hours. But what you may not consider, if you're not an avid hat wearer, is that the hair on top of your head is just as likely to burn as the rest of you.

What now? Your hair can get sun burned? Well not exactly ‘burned’ but damaged certainly.

Overexposure to rays can cause your hair to become brittle, and brittle hair snaps more easily. Which is not what you want – especially if you’ve noticed any thinning or your pops as a cue ball. This is especially pertinent if you’re not a baller who’s rocking their snapback whenever they leave the house.

Aside from breaking easily and lightening, hair that’s been overexposed to the sun can become so poofy that it just can’t be styled. And just to be clear, you don’t want it to look like tumbleweed. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and unhatted, opt for a sun protection shampoo, moisture and treatment. If it’s more of an occasional thang – just the last element will do. Prevention is obvs the preferred approach. Remedies are also available BUT DON’T DO IT AGAIN YOUNG MAN. Slip, slop, slick.

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Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque – aveda.com
Ouai Treatment Masque – theouai.com

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