Written by: Mistr on September 5, 2019

The best hair sprays for men

With a standard pomade taking centre stage in most guys styling routine, it's easy to overlook the the plethora of offerings available. For the hirsute explorers, might we suggest a little spritz? No longer asthma inducing concrete in can, hairspray can take you and your quiff to the next level.

Often overlooked as something your granny might use and dismissed as being way too bulky for travel/gym bag/desk drawer, hair sprays get a bad rap. Truth be told they were rather unwieldy for anywhere except the home bathroom. But in recent years, the stiff stickie’s that held so many bouffants in place have been refined and the pack sizes shrunk. In fact, in many cases the aerosol mechanism has been done away with altogether. The result? The fine mesh they produce ensures your hair stays put all day but without the tackiness. Many are even good for your hair providing day-long nourishment. Be sparing though. A couple of passes from forehead to crown and round the back and sides is all you need and rake through to ensure even distribution.

We like:

18.21 hair spray- 18.21.com
Oribe Hair Spray – oribe.com
Style Lock – hanzdefuko.com
Evo Hairspray – evohair.com
No Frizz – livingproof.com

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