Written by: Mistr on July 31, 2019

WTF is eyebrow threading?

Most guys won't know the pain of having bad eyebrows, because, well, for a long time it's been a non-issue. Believe us when we say this is not the case. Now, especially as we move into out 30's, the hair above your eyes is going to need some upkeep. Threading may be your safest bet. You don't want to be caught out over plucked.

Before we get to the what, let’s deal with the why. Eyebrow grooming is a particularly tricky area for men. Too little and you head into monobrow territory. Too much and you look like a drag queen on their day off. To find that ideal middle ground, threading has become a popular option. Hailing from India, it basically involves super-taught pieces of fine thread – hence the name – being tied around the roots of fine eyebrow hairs and yanking them out in a swift and rapid movement. A skillful practitioner can see you right in ten minutes. But, be prepared for some sting because multiple hairs are being removed at once. Try not to move about too much during threading or bald patches may emerge.

As with shaving, the skin around the eyes will be pulled taught so that the hairs protrude and are more easily snagged. You may even find some side effects such as sneezing and eye watering present. Both are normal. If you think pain might be a factor, consider putting a dab of a numbing cream like Bonjela on the area.

Another thing to be prepared for is minimal consultation on what you’re going for. Experienced threaders generally just go about their work and that’s fine. All you want is neat and trim – it’s not like you’re growing out an arch here. At least it shouldn’t be. If the option of trimming is offered, grab a mirror before agreeing. A good threader shouldn’t have missed any longer hairs so a trim won’t be required. There will be some redness afterwards but it’ll fade within the hour. If the threader does offer you some aloe vera gel, take it. It’ll cool the area and help things settle back to normal. Now just leave them alone for five to six weeks if you have heavy growth and eight to ten if you have finer growth. Consider yourself threaded.

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