Written by: Lucien James on July 24, 2019


Spearheading the discussion and integration of plant based living into 2019, Simon Hill is reshaping the perception on what it means adopt a phytogenic lifestyle and supporting teems of people thrive and prosper. There's never been a better time to jump in.

When conjuring up an image of a plant based lifestyle, you would be forgiven for assuming this involved a block of tofu and a women named Ocean in a long floral get-up akin to the kinds of outfits you’d see at Woodstock. So, it was a mighty task that fell on the shoulders of Simon Hill; to change and reshape the very notion of what it means to live a plant based lifestyle. A living, breathing example of what can be achieved through the implementation of hard work, self-education and a desire to give back.

Making waves in the social sphere showing off a chiselled physique, Hill was able to catapult his online platform ‘Plant Proof’ into the stratosphere, a platform as multifaceted and extensive as the man himself, including a burgeoning podcast. A fitness expert sought after by hordes of men and women, Hill is also a self-made Millionaire through his entrepreneurial pursuits. At a time when, more and more, a plant based lifestyle is becoming part of the public vernacular, Hill is a figurehead at the front lines shifting the paradigm.



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