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Men's grooming, backed by science.

The truth upon which I settle today is that the world does not need more products. A common misconception among those venturing into the uncertain world of product conception is that their product engenders some greater value than the already overflowing pool of established strongholds.

I posit that the world needs solutions to problems. If you could humour me for a moment and rub your head. Important to note here that I want you to reach up. What do you feel? Are you running your fingers through a lush tangle or perhaps massaging a smooth surface. Or perhaps yet your fingers are met with the wisp of smoke. Thin and delicate. If you fall into the latter camp, you may have begun to feel some of the insecurities that creep on with the very natural progression of hair loss. It sucks, but alas, this is genetics. So, what then is the solution to this problem?

This is the very question one MISTR Patrick Kidd built an empire on, developing the world’s first premium men’s hair care line, backed by science.
At a time when a men’s cut set you back a mere $10 and you’d walk away with a faux pas, Patrick Kidd was pioneering the high end men’s salon, setting up shop in Bondi and amassing a client base of “over 500 guys a week” coming in to ogle at the salons trappings of cool and cutting edge and leaving with one of the best cuts of their life. Filling this gap in the market was only phase one of a larger road-map to world hair care domination. The next piece to the proverbial puzzle was introducing a hair styling product that was otherwise missing from the world.

Malcontent with the current offering of substandard pomades with recipes that had not been updated in decades, Patrick set to work on developing the eponymous Patricks. The product we have today has gone through the better half of a decade of trial and testing, with the final formulation consisting of ingredients designed to promote healthy hair, a consideration missing from the vast majority of hair care products on the market. Engineered by some of the top scientists in this field, Patricks addresses several hair issues common amongst men through the Patricks Recovery Compound including hair loss, hair growth and scalp health. Every ingredient is considered and necessary. For you, if you are already styling your hair on the reg, taking care of your hair and scalp is seamlessly integrated into your regimen with the addition of a Patricks styling product. Pretty simple stuff. The actives here including Caffeine, Clary Sage, Chilli, Kigelia, Gingko Biloba, Cinnamon and Clover which kugyare all know for their efficacy in replenishing the hair shaft and giving the appearance of thicker hair.

More recently, and following in step with this ethos, Patricks have released a line of the first medical-grade skincare for men on the planet. The FS1, that’s ‘face wash’ 1 for the un-initiated, touts an impressive list of features I’ve yet to see elsewhere. A combination of chemical and physical exfoliation through AHA and literal crushed diamonds paired with a heaped helping of peptides set this apart as one of the best skin care products on the market. You can expect to see a similar flair across the entire range.

Patricks is not for everyone, and I think that’s part of the appeal. It’s men’s grooming at its finest with ingredients of a calibre to match the masterclass in package design. If you’re so inclined to dip into the wallet a little deeper, you will receive a product that will have you converted before you can say hyaluronic acid.

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