Written by: Lucien James on July 26, 2019


Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Hunter Lab is love made manifest for co-founder Elliot Waldron who sought to make the products he would be proud to both use and advocate for and see through the positive changes he wished to cultivate into the skincare market.

Echoing an ethos throughout every aspect of their business so rarely thought about yet so often rings true, “style starts with your skin”, Hunter Lab has positioned themselves as the holistic skincare range Australia so desperately needed.

The landscape of skincare has seen an evolution from days gone. We have been gifted option in 2019, no longer relying on the best to come from one or two brands. Particularly within the Australian market, there are a growing number of brands prepared to shake off the shackles of tradition to present a thoroughly refreshing take on the tried and true formula. This is all just a fancy way of saying there are newer brands whose product is better for less of your hard earned cash.

Hunter Lab is a shining example of this, born out of a need, as most things are, for change. A paradigm shift for the new generation has seen a far more environmentally conscious public not comfortable with the shortcomings some have in the way of sustainability. A need to set things right, both in terms of product quality and environmental impact. Hunter is catering to the wants of many looking for a product that matches their worldview. Every facet of Hunter Lab focuses heavily, and with good reason, on providing both men and women with the tools to carry out a healthy lifestyle, not only for themselves, but for our planet.

Each ingredient used in Hunter Lab’s products is considered and completely transparent. And, no, we don’t mean in the literal sense. A neat inclusion in the many services Hunter lab provides is an online glossary detailing the properties and use of all ingredients used throughout their product line.

Of course, we do need to talk about Hunter Lab’s products, which are undeniably the hero of the piece. Like so many before, Hunter Lab have embraced and integrated the purifying properties of charcoal into a large portion of their skin care, a wise move considering how powerful and beneficial charcoal is as an absorbent and cleanser. And, as we have talked about before, charcoal’s application to the beauty industry is far more than a gimmick. Hunter Lab have in fact taken this inclusion one step further. Activated Bamboo Charcoal. Fancy, no?

Hunter Lab sources all of its bamboo from the Moso Bamboo tree which can grow up to two feet in a day! This creates little impact on the planet and once used, is safely recycled back into the environment.

Using the word ‘tool’ is an interesting way to describe a skincare product, but in this case, it makes absolutely sense. Hunter Lab have crafted a range where nothing feels additional or complimentary. Each product has a purpose and a damn good reason to be sitting on your bathroom sill. You’ll come to rely on your mornings and indeed your evenings alone with your Hunter products. Self-care is a job, and Hunter Lab has provided you with the tools to get the job done properly.

Product highlights:

Charcoal cleansing stick: A cleansing balm neatly packaged in a roll up stick. Enriched with green tea to protect from cell damage and packed with natural oils to cleanse and hydrate skin.

SPF 50+ facial sunscreen: One product we recommend in anyone’s skin care routine is an SPF 50+ sunscreen, and you can’t go wrong here with the added benefits of aloe vera and vitamin E to protect and the soothe.

Natural deodorant: Believe us when we say this one works. A natural deodorant acts to neutralize odors and absorb sweat rather than clogging pores, and Hunter Lab have produced and A class product here . A small transitional period may be needed for your body to adjust, but trust us, this is a switch that’s going to benefit you in the long run.

For more on Hunter Lab and the entire range of skincare, visit hunterlab.com


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