Written by: Mistr on April 3, 2019

The best eye creams for men

Some of the first signs of ageing appear around the eye in the dreaded crows feet, which in and of itself is a bad omen. An eye cream is now mandatory for your grooming regime.

If you’re in your a guy in your twenties, jog on. Save yourself some cash. But anytime the first number in your age is a three or higher, you need to add a specialist eye cream to mix.

Why? Several reasons. First up, this is probably the stage of your career where you’re putting serious hours of screen time to get that promotion or start up in play. Which means dark circles and puffiness. Not ideal. There’s also redness and just general lackluster skin. This happens because the complexion here is thinnest compared to pretty much everywhere else on your body. It therefore has the most problem protecting itself and consequently needs a little assistance.

If you want to get the best from an eye cream, keep it in the fridge. The cooling sensation will cause the skin to contract and depuff marginally on contact. It’s also best applied before bed so you get the combined results of sleep and active ingredients.

Speaking of, seek out a formula with caffeine, which basically has the same effect on skin as it does on your morning personality.

A final tip on application, use your little finger to dab it on and lightly spread it. Pressing too hard can cause bruising – more darkness you don’t need and broken blood vessels.

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