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Written by: Mistr on May 20, 2019

How to clear up zits for men

We thought we'd be done after puberty, but these little bastards can and will pop up uninvited and unwelcome any time your're stressed or your diet takes a dip. There now exists specialised products for dealing with these pests that do their job better than any 'as seen on television' mistakes you may have made in your blunder years. We've got you covered.

Two images slip down the middle. On the left is a clear shot of the sun viewed from earth amongst the clouds. On the left is a man dressed smartly. The right image has a purple wash put over it.

Here are two words to chill your soul.

Adult acne.

Yes, this bastard exists for a select unfortunate few. The rest of us are not immune however to the odd outbreak. Spots are a bitch and can in the main be prevented by regular gentle cleansing (especially post exercise), a healthy diet where trans fats are avoided and drinking enough water. But strike they will.

There are two ways to deal with them. One is camouflage by which we mean concealer. The other are targeted blemish medications that chiefly use the likes of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to dry out spots and outbreaks, starve the bacteria and speed up healing.

They are not instantaneous and need a couple of days to work with applications morning and night. Cleanse skin, apply with clean fingertips and don’t wash away. Be prepared for a moment of sting but this only means they’re working.

Oh, and dab on just the tiniest blob directly onto the affected area. These formulations can irritate sensitive complexions if they land where they’re not supposed to, so be precise.

We like:

Hunter Lab charcoal cleansing stick – hunterlab.com
Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel – origins.com
The Ordinary salicylic acid – theordinary.com
Hyalamide pore control serum – hyalamide.com
Carbon Theory cleanisng bar – carbontheory.com

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