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Written by: Mistr on April 3, 2019

Tips for dealing with dry skin for men

Dry skin is one of the most common skin afflictions. It's also one of the easiest to fix. We've got some lotions and potions for your skin that will see you through the oncoming change of seasons.

If you’re a guy, there aren’t a great deal of tips out there for dealing with dry skin. Sure, we can take a leaf out of our partners book and slap on some moisturiser, but sometimes this just doesn’t cut it. The dryness endures like a drought despite a twice daily application. If this is you, don’t give up just yet. It can be conquered. You just need a more multidimensional approach to kill flaking and tightness for good. And by more multidimensional, we mean a proper regimen with several steps.

Let’s start – as we so often do – with cleansing. If you’re scrubbing your face with a bar of Sunlight, think again. Soap, especially the ‘on the rope’ variety, can dry the skin and rob it of its natural oils. So how do you get rid of grime and dirt? By using a soap-free cleanser.

Of course we were going to mention moisturiser – duh – but you’ll need two. One that hydrates deeply (applied just before bed and before heading to work) and another specifically for the eyes, as the skin here is often the driest. Ditto lip balm.

On top of this – actually underneath it – stump for a serum, like a hyaluronic acid. They provide next level moisture and won’t necessarily cost more. You’ll only need a splodge the size of a 10 cent coin to cover the entire face.

Alternatively, try one of the new generation of face oils. A drop or three work wonders on a dry complexion and wont leave you shiny. The final step is a weekly mask that pumps up the hydration even more. Go to it.

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