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Written by: Mistr on April 3, 2019

Best charcoal products for men’s skin

We hear you. Charcoal looks great in a product, but what does it actually do? Charcoal has long been used in the medical industry but its application to the beauty industry is far more than a gimmick.

Despite all the advances in modern science, you know what they still make you drink in hospital when you ingest something nasty? Charcoal.

Many a junkie has spoiled a perfectly good pair of white trainers with it. Know why? Because of its super porous nature, nothing absorbs toxins better and can be flushed/washed/purged from your system quicker.

Relax, we’re not suggesting a charcoal enema. A real thing BTW. The word most often attached to charcoal is “activated”, which basically means it’s been heated or otherwise treated to boost absorption.

And some are undoubtedly better than others. Binchotan from Japan is the equivalent of Suntory whisky.

In recent years, charcoal has found its way into everything from toothpaste to face masks. Part of it is undoubtedly hype, it’s dramatically dark and shoots well. But at its core, it has the drawing power of Game Of Thrones.

Just give it an extra look in the mirror when you’re done to ensure you’ve removed it all.

Add some of these noir delights to your armory. Especially if you suffer from clogged skin that cleansing has little impact on.

We like:

The Groomed Man Co beard/hair shampoo/conditioner-thegroomedmanco.com
Hunter Lab Charcoal Cleansing Stick – hunterlab.com
Baxter of California deep cleansing body bar- Baxterofcalifornia.com
The Grey charcoal face wash- thegreymenskincare.com

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