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Written by: Mistr on April 4, 2018

Best products for men’s skin in your 30’s

With your 20's now a distant memory, the signs of ageing are ever more present each day. Now's the time to get serious about taking care of yourself.

Time for some straight talk – there are going to be challenges here. Mostly because there’s a lot going on for you.

For a start, your metabolism has probably already peaked, which means your body doesn’t produce the collagen it once did and it’s taken a slight hit in terms of expelling pollutants.

The circles under the eyes might be noticeable for the first time – especially since you’re probably putting in the hours required to climb the corporate ladder. You may even catch a hint of your dad looking back at you in the mirror. Those are your issues to deal with but where we can help you is to keep the jowls, lines and dullness at bay.

Your skincare regime needs to kick up a notch in terms of the number of products required and their quality. As ever, sun protection is a must – as is proper cleansing as your complexion can’t make shiny new cells when it’s clogged by pollutants. The words to look for on packaging are “lifting” and “firming”, while you need to make friends with the ingredient “retinol” (AKA vitamin A). If you don’t exfoliate weekly, get on board. Ditto an eye cream daily.

Discipline will be crucial here. Most men are less than diligent about skin care in their 20s and if that’s been you, there is some time to make up. But it can be done. Set aside 10 minutes in both the morning and evening and it’ll at least look like you’re still hanging in with your twenties.

We like:

Skin Co charcoal cleanser – skinco.com
Saal & Co Intense Moisturiser – saalskincare.com
Biodroga Celluscrub Facial Exfoliator – biodroga.com.au
Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50 – dermalogica.com
Niod Hyaluronic acid complex- niod.com

The Grey recovery Face Serum- thegrey.com

Hunter Lab Peptide anti-ageing – hunterlab.com

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