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Written by: Mistr on April 4, 2018

Best products for men’s skin in your 40’s

You're now in what is potentially the greatest time of your life for your career, your family and your finance. The only thing that may be a little lacklustre is your skin. Now more than ever is the time to treat it with care.

Let’s find a quiet corner of the bar, pour a single malt or three and toast to days gone by. You’re roughly at the halfway point of things. It’s good to reflect. Doing so in the mirror, however, can be a tad confronting. Lines in the bathroom has a totally different meaning now. The face is a tad weathered, the soul perhaps more so.

Depending on how effective or merely existent your grooming routine has been until this point, action needs to be taken immediately. Or else you’ll end up looking like those human pieces of luggage your grandpa called his mates.

Regular moisturisers on their own will no longer cut it we’re afraid. They should still be used daily along with SPF of course but what you need now is a serum. These are highly concentrated formulations and it’s reflected in their price (and efficacy). Throw them onto clean skin before you hit the hay and wake up a little smoother. An eye cream is also mandatory right now Mr Crinkles.

Should these not provide the results you’re looking for, may we suggest some in clinic treatments. We’re talking microdermabrasion, lactic peels and LED masks.

We like:

Gentlemens tonic time control solution/hero peptide – gentlemenstonic.com
Face Theory Glycolic Exfoliating Cleanser – facetheory.com
Hylamide SubQ anti age –  hylamide.com
The Ordinary vitamin C suspension – theordinary.com
Niod fractured eye contour – niod.com
For in-treatments try Mankind (located in Sydney and Melbourne) – mankind.com.au      Orveda Firm Brew Botanical Cream – orveda.com

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