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Written by: Mistr on April 4, 2018

How men can combat oily skin

A rude awakening from adolescence to adulthood is that fact that oily skin can and will follow you through life. Relax, it's very common and easy to combat if you have the right tools. We've got you covered

You’d think that this would fade after your teens or at worst linger till your mid-20s. Nope. Oily skin can cause havoc over a lifetime. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, unlike Miley, it can be tamed. Because the only place you want to be slick is in your hustle. Whatever that may be.

Oily skin is caused by a number of factors – lifestyle (ease up on the nuggets), hormonal fluctuations and genetics (cheers Dad)- but they all manifest in pretty much the same way. It’s called sebum and oily skin produces too much of it. Worse still, this substance clings to dead skin cells like a codependent ex and clogs the pores, resulting in even more issues.

The temptation is to throw as many astringents or harsh soaps at it as possible. Beat the bastard into submission. Don’t. When you strip away too many of the natural oils in the skin, it goes into protective overdrive and produces even more. The key is balance. And the right kit.

First up, invest in an electric cleansing tool to use in tandem with a cleanser that will remove more debris than your hands ever will. And all without unduly stressing the skin.

Before you fire it up, hit oily skin with a pre-cleanser which contains vitamin E, a known sebum dissolver. Follow this with a cleanser that includes kaolin clay, which absorbs oil rapidly. Moisturising is vital at it keeps things in balance. Look for the words mattifying or oil free on the packaging. If there are still outbreaks, hit it with a spot treatment and keep a stack of blotting sheets in the desk drawer or gym bag for sop ups during the day.

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