Written by: Mistr on April 3, 2019

Why all men need a mouthwash

Work meeting? First date? A mouthwash is going to be one of the most vital tools in your grooming arsenal for those last minute freshen ups.

All men need a mouthwash. Period. At some point, your lunch will conspire against you.  There will be garlic, the unavoidable fermented whatever and naturally the espresso that will prevent you from face-planting the boardroom table at the 3pm WIP – which just quietly could have been sorted in an email.

Just FYI, munching on some gum can have the adverse effect in the long run. Add to that it’s just not a good look.  We definitely don’t recommend this.

Some dudes have no problem brushing their teeth in a work toilet – more power to them. But if you’re not in that number and want to cut down on the crap in your work drawer/gym bag, consider a mouthwash.

Bear in mind, they won’t take the place of actual brushing – they’re more like an adjunct. The spoiler on the car of dental hygiene. Some can, however, whiten your chompers with dedicated use. Better still, a select few have gone decidedly upmarket from the 500ml bottles that look like laundry detergent and are understandably kept out of sight in a bathroom cabinet. These are so pretty they practically warrant display.

We like:

Marvis Concentrated Strong Mint Moushwash – marvisaustralia.com.au
Aesop Mouthwash – aesop.com
Kohle Charcoal & Coconut Mouth Wash – kohle.com.au

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