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Written by: Lucien James on March 7, 2019

The best subscription services for men

The world of grooming just got infinitely more convenient. Subscription services are a great way to maintain a grooming regimen without the hassle of going in store, or even placing a second order.

On the face of it, the subscription box is a brilliant idea. Monthly or quarterly – depending on your needs and budget – a package of eight to 10 grooming goodies makes its way to your door step.

It started with razor blades – an area where the multinationals gouged (see what we did there) consumers for way too long. At that stage, it was all about convenience and value but as time went by, the savvier brands – both big and small – realised this was a clever way to introduce themselves to new customers.

This is often accomplished via samples and mini bottles – the grooming equivalent of those little scotches you get on the plane.

The offering has since grown to include fragrance, shaving creams, hair products and more. To the point where, grooming boxes are now verging on a necessity for the curious man who enjoys looking his best but loathes the retail experience that accompanies it.

Problem is, they don’t all deliver everywhere, so we’ve narrowed down the ones that will actually make it to where you live. #straya

We like:

Dollar Shave Club – dollarshaveclub.com
Oscar Razor – oscarrazor.com.au
Razor Haus – razorhaus.com.au
Bellobox – bellabox.com.au

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