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Written by: Mistr on May 29, 2019

Certified organic: The best organic products for men

There's a lot of noise when it comes to the hot topic of 'organic produce', and sure, slapping an organic label on anything instantly elevates the products status. But what does it actually mean for us? And how do you know what you're getting is certified organic?

A male model wearing pants from fashion brand Bassike lies on the edge of a coastal rockpool with his left arm dangling down to the sand. At his fingertips is an orange ball.


Pants: Song For The Mute

The word organic has in recent years become synonymous with the epitome of health and wellness, with nary an enlightened individual strolling through the farmers market aisles picking up anything without the green tick of approval.

The word ‘organic’ simply means derived from living matter, which is to say organic products have had no interference from synthetics in their growth and harvest. For the consumer, this is massively beneficial as we’re not exposed to the chemicals and nasties used to promote unnatural fertilisation and production of the goodies that should, in theory, be making us healthy. Not to mention all the harsh bug repellents. Our condolences.



Top: Bassike, pants: Bassike

Top: Song For The Mute, Pants: Bassike 


So, now we’re up to speed, it’s not exactly a tough sell. Organic = better for you.

Luckily for us, there are those who have integrated organic produce into the mainstream worlds of health, fitness and beauty. Just as we’ve leaned towards organic food, so too are these markets enjoying a rise in popularity. Soon, they will be Post Malone ubiquitous. And with good reason: you want the ingredients that are being absorbed by your body to be as natural as possible. Which, as we mentioned, means removed from chemicals or chemical processing.

But how do you tell the real deal from the slyly marketed? Simple. Look for the word “certified” in front of “organic” and be wary of “natural” – a catch all term that’s easy to fall for.


Top: Charlton, Pants: Song For The Mute 

Top: Charlton, Shorts: Charlton

‘Certified’ means an item has been independently verified by an external authority throughout its entire production process. It’s a scope that takes in everything from the materials used for packaging and even the cleaning products used in the manufacturing facility. Plus what’s in it. Obvs.

Muddying the eco-waters are the sheer number of certifying authorities – there are half a dozen in Australia alone. That said, the main player, as far as grooming is concerned, is Australian Certified Organic, whose green leaf logo adorns an ever expanding array of products. Ditto Cosmos Organic.

There are a bunch of certified organic ranges to choose from, not just in the way of outer grooming, but the supplements you take and even a coffee alternative that will see you converted before you can say SIPP. Experiment away but these are our pick of the best.

We like:

Bear Ltd ‘Restore’ – bearltd.com
Groomed man co ‘Man Mint’ beard oil – thegroomedmanco.com
Bare Blends Organic WPI  – bareblends.com
SIPP instant – sippinstant.com
Clean Skin Organics Beetroot face mask – cleanskinorganics.com
Clemence Organics Face scrub – clemenceorganics.com
Mens Botanics face moisturiser – mensbotanics.com.au
World Wild Men Anti ageing care – worldwildmen.com

Photography: Levon Baird

Styling: Miguel Urbina Tan

Grooming: Rory Rice

Creative direction: Jack Milenkovic


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