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Hard Wear for the modern man.

Grooming for men has in recent years made a triumphant march to the forefront of men’s lifestyle culture. This change has been gradual, particularly here in Australia, however we are now seeing the paradigm shift as clear as day. The fact of the matter is, as men, we do care what we look like. We do care about our health. We do care about letting the signs of age show and mitigating the hair loss process. And god forbid we get a manzit(tm). At MISTR, we are about providing you with the best of the best in the way of grooming and personal care and showcasing the worlds most innovative and cutting edge grooming, not only for superior quality but for the trailblazing brand stances that reflect our own.

MISTR has teamed up with Harpars Bazaar in the special October issue to bring you a selection of just a handful of some of the products that should be in your grooming routine.

Featured here:

Firsthand supply clay pomade – firsthandsupply.com
War Paint concealer – warpaint.com
Chanel Bleu de Chanel shaving cream – chanel.com
MMUK man beard filler – mmuk.com
Rationale day cream – rationale.com
War paint powder brush – warpaint.com
Lepaar elemental surf paste – lepaar.com
Helmut Lang Curiron – helmutlang.com
Mihan Aromatics Mikado bark – mihanaromatics.com
Bear protect – bearltd.com
Noto basil yarrow mist – noto.com
The Grey exfoliating toning pads – thegrey.com
The Ordinary hyaluronic acid – deciem.com
Sipp cocnut coffee – sipp.com
Lapp Darkness – lapp.com


(cover) Tim Ashton
(still life) Edward Urrutia

(cover) Mira Chai Hyde

(still life) Jack Milenkovic

Pick up your copy of Harpers Bazaar here.

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