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Written by: Mistr on June 25, 2019

Things every guy needs in their gym bag

If you're the type who likes to leave the gym fresher than when you entered, you're going to want to come prepared. To help save on valuable bag space, we've consolidated a list of the absolute grooming essentials for your next trip to the gains palace.

The idea behind a gym bag is that you’re lifting less weight on the way to and from the workout than during. We can’t tell you how to manage the gym bag laundry sitch (only that you gotta) but we can tell you how to pull together a post training regimen that will have you looking as good as you feel afterwards.

The moisturiser
Losing moisture through sweat + jumping in a hot shower = skin that needs a drink.
If you want to make sure it is better absorbed, keep the shower water cool so whatever is applied is not perspired away.
Try: Triumph and Disaster Gameface – Seriously good and comes in a tube. ‘Nuff said. triumphanddisaster.com

The Antiperspirant
You don’t want something too strongly scented. Dryness is the aim here.
Try: Recipe For Men antiperspirant – actually works, and it’s small enough to not be a hassle

The multitasker
Speed is key. You don’t want to spend unnecessary time sharing a cramped environment with naked strangers… well, maybe you do, but either way the grooming component should be ticked off quick smart which is why a combined shampoo and body wash is always a goer.
Try: Native Man hair and body wash – trust us, you’re not going to regret making the switch here

The scent
An obvious inclusion. After all, exercise isn’t the most fragrant of endeavors. Nor do you want to be schlepping around a full size bottle every day. Go for a travel size or pocket variety that still packs a fragrant punch. Or better yet, try one of the new ‘solid’ fragrances.
Try: Solid State ‘wayfarer’ – presented in a tin smaller than a matchbox, this is tobacco and vanilla done right.

The hair product
Unless you’re up for using that communal hairdryer, your product is most likely to go onto damp hair. What’s more, you probably don’t have the time to faff around in front of the mirror because you’ve got places to be that aren’t the gym. Opt for a formulation that spreads easily through the hair and offers a mid-range degree of hold. Muss it through the hair from roots to tips, rake back and check for any globs in the mirror. You don’t want to rock the ‘There’s something about Mary’ look.
Try: Patricks M2 – Representing some of the best hair products on the market and guaranteed to make your hair thicker too if that’s your jive.

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