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Written by: Mistr on May 1, 2019

Why you should care about Fairtrade grooming

'Fairtrade' is term commonly thrown around with all the weight of a sack full of cotton. It sounds good, but what does it actually mean? It's easy to ignore the lengthy process of getting a simple bottle of moisturiser into your hands but your choice to support a brand who's Fairtrade positively affects the lives of those 100's of km's away.

Looking good should only come at a price to your pocket. You don’t want the planet or those doing it tougher than you fucked over by a multinational so your skin can look perkier. Hence the growth of the ethical grooming market.

What this means is that rural communities – often in the developing world – are fairly compensated for the raw materials they produce. And that the compensation goes not only to the individuals who farmed or harvested it, but also to infrastructure such as schools and clean water. In other words, the stuff you don’t need to worry about when lack of wi-fi is your biggest challenge of the day.

What we’re saying is – support these brands. Because we all can do with a few extra credits in the karma bank as we pursue our own vanity. Look for the Fair Trade logos on packaging but be aware that some may only be made with certain Fair Trade ingredients. Not ideal but better than nothing.

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